Iodine For Ringworm, Best Ointment For Ringworm, Where Do You Get Ringworm, How To Treat Ring Worms

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Iodine For Ringworm, Best Ointment For Ringworm, Where Do You Get Ringworm, How To Treat Ring Worms ---- ---

Ringworms, contrary to the common notion, do not come from worms. Tinea, which is the medical term for ringworms, is a fungal infection seen on the skin's surface. Knowing how to cure ringworm is important because ringworms can be highly contagious. It can be contracted from direct contact with the host (person or animal) as well as by other means such as having contact with the host's clothes. Swimming pools can also be a place where ringworms are transmitted from one person to another.

How To Cure Ringworm - Understanding Aspects and Options

Different means on how to cure ringworm are available and they sometimes vary in accordance with where the ringworm is located (it can appear in areas like the nails, fingers, toes, feet, scalp, stomach, chest, thighs, and scalp), and the particular type of ringworm.

• Ringworms found in the scalp are usually treated with an antifungal shampoo to keep the area dry and clean.

• Ringworms found in the feet can be treated through the application of ointments.

• Oral medications can also be taken in especially when ringworms are on the nails.

• Sprays, powders and creams are also forms by which anti-fungal drugs are bought.

These medicines may take some time to work. The infection may persist for a few weeks to several months, depending on the severity and how the body responds to the medications.

How To Cure Ringworm - OTC and Prescription Medications

Ringworm appears on the skin's surface as an itchy, red, circular patch. As it progresses, it expands and smaller round patches can develop. It is important to immediately identify ringworms and know how to treat them properly. There are many over the counter topical creams (anti-fungal ones) and ointment that can be bought in the market. However, some people prefer to visit the doctor and ask for a prescription. Stronger formulations are generally available via prescriptions.

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