Popping a Large Abscess In A Young Female.

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4703   4 years ago
She is a twenty years young female presented with large cystic swelling in anterior aspect of neck. The swelling was of size 6cmx 6cm x5 cm ,tense tender, cystic just above sternal nutch.This was diagnosed as large neck abscess ./nRepeated aspiration done but the swelling reappeared. So Incision & Drainage planned under local anaesthesia./nPatient in supine position. Surgery part painted and draped. Local anaesthesia 2% xylocaine with adrenaline used for field block.After giving local anaesthesia, I used a no 11 blade for stab incision at the most prominent part of the swelling, where skin was thin and fluctuation present./nPus drained form that opening. Little dilatation of opening to be done with artery forceps or sinus forceps. Complete pus drainage to be ensured.Little finger can be introduced inside the pus cavity to ensure proper drainage of pus. The cavity I use to clean with a gauge piece. If necessary curette biopsy can be taken from the wall of the cavity.These wounds usually need daily proper dressing for faster healing.
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