Small cell lung cancer: diagnosis and management

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Small cell lung cancer, which occurs almost exclusively in smokers, is a malignancy characterised by rapid doubling time, high growth fraction and widespread metastasis at presentation. In this presentation, we will briefly discuss the classification of pulmonary Neuro-endocrine tumours by the World Health Organisation followed by a detailed discussion of the clinical features, lab evaluation and management of SCLC, both limited and extended stage. The frontline therapy in small cell lung cancer is etoposide and cisplatin along with thoracic radiotherapy and prophylactic cranial irradiation in patients who have a good response to therapy. Hyperfractionation of radiotherapy may provide some benefit but is also associated with increase incidence of complications. Newer agents for SCLC include Vandetanib and immunotherapy molecules, such as Iplimumab and nivolumab.
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