Hair Transplant in Delhi | Best Hair Transplant | Dr Amrendra Kumar- Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

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Hair Transplant in Delhi | Best Clinic for hair transplant in Delhi
Hair Transplant in Delhi | Best Hair Transplant | Dr. Amrendra Kumar - Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

DermaClinix is the best place for hair transplantation in Delhi. Skilled & experienced surgeons.
Dr. Amrendra Kumar is the Co-founder & Director of DermaClinix and is considered amongst the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi. He has done his MD in Dermatology from the well-known All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New DELHI and he is also a qualified member of ISHRS (USA).
* Done more than 6000 hair transplant surgery
* Biggest hair transplant center,
* AIIMS Trained doctors,
* Qualified member of ISHRS (USA),
* State of the Art Technology,
* World-Class Equipment,
* Patent method (B.E.S.T. - Bio Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant Technique) with highest grafts survival rate,
* Established green OT,
* Personalized Treatment,
* Comfort & Safety our priority,

To book FREE hair transplant consultation call on 08588829376, 08882227080.

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