NasalCare® Nasal Irrigation System for Health

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After watching our video on nasal irrigation for natural sinus relief, visit Learn how & why this natural sinus remedy really works! Unlike messy, old-fashioned neti pots or competitors with badly designed, backflow-prone squeeze bottles that can cause sinus infection, NasalCare has a patented nasal rinse system that delivers a comfortable, soothing formula throughout the nasal passages, preventing sinus infection, allergy and post nasal drip. A mix of sea salt and Aloe Vera extract washes away nasal irritants and the common causes of colds and flu while providing nasal congestion relief. NasalCare also acts as a sinus rinse for allergy treatment. Used for centuries in the Orient as a natural remedy and preventative measure for all sinus conditions, nasal irrigation is just catching on here.
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