Revision Rhinoplasty before and after

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One of the most common of all plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty, also commonly known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty surgery can serve dual purposes, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look and also helping breathing conditions, such as a deviated septum.. Whether it's because of a genetic defect or some kind of injury, many people have trouble breathing through their nose. A rhinoplasty can counteract this, clearing the airway so you can breathe freely. It can even repair a deviated septum, straightening it and removing any blockages in the airway.

Perfecting surgery with this three-dimensional structure (the nose) takes years to master and continues to improve. Little did we know that rhinoplasty maneuvers that were used three years ago could cause disastrous results today. Rhinoplasty surgery is forever evolving! My fellowship director, J. Regan Thomas, MD, told me something that I’ll never forget – “you haven’t learned anything about rhinoplasty until you’ve performed at least a thousand procedures and followed them for many years”. This statement epitomizes why fellowships are so valuable. Some of the needed experience and potential pitfalls are circumvented by first hand observing and learning the analysis, judgment, techniques, complication management and most importantly, results from a seasoned rhinoplasty surgeon. This is why I super-specialized in rhinoplasty surgery during my fellowship in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The training catapults you years ahead of many other surgeons that aren’t fortunate to have post-graduate training. Many cosmetic surgeons are taught that aggressive cartilage removal is a procedure of the past. Today’s concept is “less is more”. Less cartilage excision, cartilage repositioning, camouflage techniques, structural grafting and suturing techniques are being taught in most rhinoplasty courses and at our national meetings.

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