Hispanic Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patient Before and After African American Rhinoplasty

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This is my rhinoplasty before and after video

Watch my experience from initial consult to final result as I have an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Paul S. Nassif of Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology located in Beverly Hills.

The results are incredible! It's like a dream come true. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Nassif as my surgeon. He is truly a gifted and wonderful surgeon.

There where many procedures performed to get the incredible results I received including:

Deep Temporalis Fascia Harvesting



Open Rhinoplasty

Nasal Smas Excicion

Vestibular Tissue Release

Tip Cartilage Contouring / Cephalic Trim

Columella Strut Placement

Shield Graft

Ear (conchal) Cartilage Harvest

Rim Graft


Narrowing of Nasal Dorsum

Build up of Radix & Dorsum (cartilage and fascia grafts)

Alar Base Reduction

Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles also specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty for African American, Hispanic and Asian patients. As part of his information campaign on cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, those who are interested in rhinoplasty and plastic surgery can get loads of up-to-date information straight from Dr. Nassif through his websites Media Page. This web page contains articles written by Dr. Nassif that have been published in famous plastic surgery journals and books.

The Media Page also contains actual rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery captured on video. These videos were aired in Discovery Channel, ET, and other shows. Patients who want to know more about Dr. Paul Nassif can check out his curriculum vitae. Whether you decide to attempt this procedure or not, rhinoplastyspecialist.com can give you an accurate and detailed perspective.


1. Skin: Thick, Abundant Fibrofatty tissue

2. Radix: Deep, Inferiorly-Set & Low

3. Nasal Bridge & Dorsum: Short Nasal Bones, Wide & Flat

4. Tip: Bulbous, Thick-Skinned, Under-Projected, Derotated (Ptotic), Abundant Nasal Soft Tissue, Broad Domes, Minimal Definition

5. Base: Wide, Thick, Horizontal & Flaring Nostrils

6. Nasolabial Junction: Retracted, Under-Developed Nasal Spine

7. Maxilla: Usually Retrusive & Hypoplastic


1. Skin: Thick, Abundant Sebaceous Glands

2. Radix: Low to Normal

3. Nasal Bridge: Wide

4. Dorsum: Convex (Nasal Hump)

5. Tip: Bulbous, Thick-Skinned, Under-Projected, Occasionally Derotated to Normal, Abundant Nasal Soft Tissue, Broad Wide Domes, Minimal Definition

6. Columella: Short to Normal

7. Base: Wide, Thick, Horizontal & Flaring Nostrils

8. Maxilla: Within Normal Limits


1. Skin: Heavy, Thick & Sebaceous

2. Radix: Deep & Flat

3. Nasal Bridge & Dorsum: Low, Wide & Flat

4. Tip: Bulbous, Thick-Skinned, Under-Projected, Ptotic, Abundant Fibrofatty Tissue, Broad Domes, Minimal Definition

5. Columella: Short, Minimal Show (Retracted)

6. Base: Wide, Thick, Oblique & Flaring Nostrils

7. Maxilla: Usually Retrusive


1. Bridge: Moderately Thinner

2. Dorsum: Higher (Augmented)

3. Tip: Refined, Increased Projection, Increased Rotation

4. Base: Vertical-Oblique Nostrils & Triangular Nasal Base

5. Columella: Increased Columellar Show & Length

6. Maxilla: Less Retrusive

7. Skin-Soft Tissue Envelope: Moderate Thickness that Provides Good Tip Definition African American Rhinoplasty
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