Scarless Breast lift using Serdev suture without scars. Mastopexy

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Previously existing methods are characterized by unpleasant scars that, despite surgeons promises, remain for life.

Incisions are:

- around the areola (Round block) leading to a flat areola, often unpleasant hypertophic skars, skin rippling.

- inverted T (around the areola, vertically down and in the fold under the breast).

- Vertical (around the areola and vertically down). Due to the extess skin, incisions often turn into inverted L or T. Rearrangement of glandular tissue and skin changes the shape of the breasts and may be different from expectations. Scars worry patients and sometimes cause disturbances in the relationship with their partner.

- No scars. The "Serdev Suture" lifting technique for breast lifting without scars (only points - needle perforations in the skin) is created by the Bulgarian cosmetic surgeon Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev. It is a novelty that had changed the cosmetic surgery world in the last 10-14 years for young patients. The technique is especially important in Asia and Latin America, for Asians, African-Americans, Indians, and others who form keloids and lumpy scars after operations.

The Serdev suture method can achieve lift upto and over 14 centimeters and is most suitable for the following types of breasts:

- not very heavy full breasts.

- in the presence of subpectoral implants with subsequent drooping of the breasts after childbirth and lactation.

- empty and loose breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding. In such cases this technique is combined with subpectoral implants. In sagging breasts implants should not be placed in the skin over the pectoral muscles, because thus will lead to even more drooping. Therefore, breast lift requires breast fixation to the level of the pectoral muscle (the normal position in young women), and then placement of appropriate implants under the muscle, to hold them in the appropriated position.

- in drooping breasts after subglandular augmentation (over the muscle). In such cases, patients should not wait until the skin elongation becomes visible. The implants should be removed, the capsule removed - a difficult but a necessary operation, preventing postop seromas and infection. Implants should be placed under the pectoralis muscle to wear them. Patients should orient the cosmetic surgeon at what level they want the nipples - in the middle of the implant, higher or lower.

Implants should be generally replaced - below the muscle implants should be smooth, move naturally without hurting the muscle.

Because of modern anesthetics and new methods without trauma, pain and swelling after surgery are not significant. In 3-4 days, patients can return to social life, even the next day, but it is preferable to rest for 2-3 days.

Exercises with the arms and weight lifting is prohibited for a month and a half.

Due to lack of scars, the breast lift using the Serdev sutures can be repeated to maintain the aesthetic appearence of the breasts even in advanced age.

Gigantomastia i.e. very large, very heavy and drooping breasts can not be operated in this manner, because of gravity and overskin.

Early mastopexy using Serdev sutures is recommended before too much changes in the tissues. If late, more and more complex interventions are required.

"A lot of people are opting for various breast procedures and one of the most common among them is “mastopexy”. This is the surgery that involved uplifting of sagging breasts and, in certain cases, repositioning of the nipple and areola in order to restore normality and beauty. The excess skin is removed and firmness is provided to the breasts. Though mastopexy can be done as a stand alone surgery, many people combine it with breast augmentation which involves inserting implants inside the b
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