Unborn Baby saved After Mother Is Wounded In Missile Strike in Syria

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13624   5 years ago
Doctors save the life of an unborn baby who was injured along with her mother in a missile attack in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The video shows a team of emergency medical workers delivering the baby by Cesarean section and then treating the newborn for the shrapnel wounds covering her body and one very large gash in her head. “Medics can be seen frantically reviving the baby, after delivering her by emergency cesarean, as she lies motionless,” the article states. “Eventually the tiny newborn begins to cry and seemingly comes to life as she is given an oxygen mask and rubbed vigorously.”

“According to Reuters, the woman also has three other children, all of whom were injured in the attack, but are reported by doctors in the hospital to be in a good condition,” the Daily Mirror article states. The article does not provide the gestational age of the baby before it was delivered. The article said the pregnant woman was hit by a barrel bomb – “crude explosives and shrapnel and dropped from helicopters used by [Syrian] President Bashir al-Assad’s regime." The article notes an estimated 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced by the ongoing civil war and that 320,000, including 11,000 children, have been killed in the conflict. The Daily Mirror also reports that the doctors suggested that the tiny girl be named Amal, which means hope in Arabic.

UK Daily Mirror: Incredible footage shows Syrian doctors perform lifesaving caesarean after missile strike leaves shrapnel embedded in unborn baby's face
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