Incredible: Baby Born Still Inside Amniotic Sac

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64996   4 years ago
This is the incredible moment a new-born baby arrived still inside its amniotic sac, completely intact. The tiny infant can be seen moving and stretching still inside the sac, as medics prepare to snip the new born free.

The amniotic sac is a thin but durable membrane filled with fluid which helps keep a baby warm and safe from bumps during pregnancy. When it breaks, this is typically referred to as a woman's 'waters breaking' shortly before she gives birth.

But in rare cases, less than 1-in-80,000 births, the baby is delivered with the membranes still intact and this is known as a 'caul birth'. Some babies are born with part of the membrane still attached to them, but to be born completely encased in the intact membrane is incredibly rare.

Many people still believe the phenomenon to be a good omen for the child's infancy and it is has even been suggested, but not proven, that caul babies will always have a natural affinity for water.

The video was taken in Spain on Saturday and captures the rare moment the baby was born with the membrane covering its entire body, just minutes after its twin was delivered normally.
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