Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

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1275   4 years ago
Haemorrhoids is one of the most common problems seen in surgical OPD. Open haemorrhoidectomy has remained the gold standard for a long time with a high post-operative morbidity. The quest for a better understanding of the pathology of haemorrhoids resulted in the evolvement of stapler haemorrhoidopexy. Our aim is to study the efficacy of stapler haemorrhoidopexy with regards to role of immediate post-operative morbidity. A prospective study of 50 patients (n = 50) with the second- and third-degree symptomatic haemorrhoids was done. The mean age of the patients was 44.1 years. Fourteen patients had co-morbid conditions. The average duration of the operation was 29 min. Patients with the second-degree haemorrhoids had higher rate of complication. The complication rate was 32%. Three patients had urinary retention. Two patients had minor bleeding, and one patient experienced transient discharge. The mean analgesic requirement was 2.4 tramadol, 50 mg injections. Ten patients had significant post-operative pain. Average length of hospital stay was 2.7 days. There were no symptomatic recurrences till date.
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